Leadership and Management

Duration: 4 months (2 face workshop and a practical on the job learning project)

The programme aims at providing promising executives and functional specialists with the skills, tools and competencies they require for effectively operating in today’s constantly changing and challenging business environment. Throughout the four months, there is a constant theme of reflection and feedback.

Leadership and Governance

Duration: 3-4 days

Poor corporate governance and unethical behavior have a significantly negative impact on professional service delivery, reputation and, ultimately, profit. After attending this course, delegates will understand the requirements of sound corporate governance, legal compliance and ethics management at an operational level.

Team Building

Duration: 0.5 to 3 days

To enjoy a true team building experience, you need to take a break from conference sessions and seminars. Opt for corporate events that over a variety of indoor and/or outdoor team building activities instead. These will enthuse and entertain your team, whilst encouraging communication, cooperation and positive relationships.

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