Why Choose 8Fold Capacity Ltd.

As one of the best leadership and management trainers in Kenya, 8Fold Capacity Ltd. delivers an unrivaled capacity building that guarantees:


8Fold Training enables companies to get better results through consulting, training, and written/electronic resources. We recognize that an investment in training is just that – an investment.

Significant Savings

By building the capacity to build your own capacity and only play a support role in future learning, allows for greater cost control as most of the resources utilized are within the organization.

Our Approach

We facilitate learning by helping participants to gain the necessary skills to take control of and become active participants in their own learning.

Our Commitment

We are passionate about helping you develop and retain skilled leaders and a high-performance workforce that takes your organization to a higher level.


What’s more, our training delivers tangible and measurable benefits to the individual, the management, and the organisation as briefly illustrated below:

The Manager

  • We impart managers with the skills and techniques that improve staff performance through building knowledge, skills, and behavior.
  • We offer systematic development opportunities that increase employee engagement.

The organization

  • We prepare the organization to cope with today’s and tomorrow’s challenges to ensure business continuity and success.
  • We build leadership competence and strengthen the learning culture within the organisation.
  • We help in increasing employer attractiveness.
  • We inspire employees to align their personal goals and values with the organization’s vision and strategy. 

Help Line

The Individual

  • We help people to realise the importance of their role in the organisation, hence unlocking the individual and team’s effectiveness and performance.
  • Our programmes provide the core knowledge, build the skills, and reinforce the behaviors that are needed to support one’s professional growth and employability.
  • We offer networking opportunities that facilitate the exchange of ideas and strengthen collaboration.
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